Position Descriptions (Other Secretariat)

Director of Public Information: The Director of Public Information is responsible for overseeing DPI and managing its day-to-day operations. These include the processing and printing of all working papers and draft resolutions, as well as any other tasks during the conference requested by staff. DPI will also be producing the conference awards.

Director of Home Government: The Director of Home Government is responsible for scheduling and coordinating all members of Home Government. Home Government is a location for delegates to check their country’s positions on issues, as well as to consult with experts in the field of international relations or a given topic.

Director of Special Simulations: The Director of Special Simulations is responsible for organizing any extra-topical simulations such as crisis situations during the conference. Prior to the conference, the Director of Special Simulations will plan simulations and recruit a simulations team to help in the execution of the crisis situation during the conference, including researching regions and/or issues, drafting documents, and delivering news to committees.

News Director: The News Director’s job is to find relevant news information and distribute it to the delegates during the course of the conference. The News Director will be a part of the simulation, presenting crisis committees with information to help them get a broader knowledge of the crisis situation as it happens. The News Director will also be responsible for creating press releases for (and from) the delegates. 

Editor, UN Chronicle: The Editor is responsible for assembling and printing the UN Chronicle, which is a news briefing on the conference as it happens. There will be three issues of the UN Chronicle, one per day of the conference, and they will be distributed on Friday night, Saturday night, and at Sunday’s Closing Ceremonies. The Editor will also be responsible for assembling a special edition of the UN Chronicle on the conference at large for distribution to NWMUN’s sponsors.